Love Letters To DISTek

Happy Valentine’s Day – DISTek Experts love their jobs!

Garys Heart
Garys Heart

At DISTek, I am part of a variety of different projects, which keeps me constantly learning and applying different practices to new challenges. In addition, I am part of complete processes, from architecting a new test system to implementing it and training customers on their new interface – Ed

I enjoy learning, and the experts with whom I work provide me ample opportunity to do so.  I also enjoy solving problems of many kinds, and am often given the opportunity to delve into a mechanical or hydraulic problem outside my primary area of electrical expertise. – Benjamin

Few tasks are more exhilarating than moving something with software. Whether writing drivers or calling them, I enjoy the careful attention to detail required to make the product safe and reliable. Creating quality, maintainable, and reusable embedded software is my passion. – Chris

I love the diversity of my job. Software is only a tool I use to bring a machine from an idea to production. The projects I have worked on have given me experience in metals, assembly, welding, cutting, hydraulics, electronics, drivability issues, human interfaces and many other areas. I have been in the desert with the U.S. Marines and our machines, England, NASA, and many ARMY bases. I have been able to demonstrate technology and interface with the customers to understand what they desire in a product. – Scott