NI Week, Y’all

NI Week 1
On the floor at NI Week.

The 2015 National Instruments NI Week was a real eye opener for me.  From a sales perspective, it was amazing to see just how many of the top companies in their field use NI products so pervasively. 

Having never attended this event, I was not certain what to expect and the way it was laid out for marketing, engineering and managers was quite impressive.  Participants could set their own agendas and follow them through an easy to use app right on their phone.

A major theme this year was the internet of things and how the IoT has evolved into an advanced connection of products, systems, and services.  The look back at previous shows illustrates how futurists were remarkably accurate with how massive amounts of data would be used (and misused) currently and into the future.

Of course, this theory becomes reality when we read about Fiat Chrysler recalling 1.4m vehicles due to potential hacking risk.  Imagine 50 Chevy Colorado’s being disabled in Houston during rush hour, or every Ford Edge turning left at the same time in Chicago.

The focus on keeping data secure was on everybody’s mind, it seemed, during the weeks discussions and the message was clear.  With great power, comes great responsibility—Thanks Uncle Ben.

On a lighter note, of course no trip to Austin is complete without a night out on 6th street and NI spared no expense in the entertainment for participants.  At one event, the LAVA (LabVIEW Advanced Virtual Architects) BBQ, there was Texas BBQ, libations and great prizes.  Yours truly won a model of the Falcon 9, Space X Rocket.  It did not; however, come with keys to a Tesla, or Elon Musk’s autograph, but none-the-less it was an amazing event within an event.

I plan to attend NI Week in the future and can’t wait to see everyone there next year.