Happy Halloween from all of us at DISTek!

DISTek’s 2016 Annual Costume Contest

This past Friday we took a little time out from our work day to have a little fun and celebrate Halloween!  In keeping with tradition, we all gathered at noon for the annual parade of costumes.  Check out the photos below to see who showed up at the Cedar Falls DISTek Office!

Jeff Baxter dressed as the Headless Horseman
Nick Elliott made a showing as Bob Belcher from Bob’s Burgers
Ashley Wilder portrayed a magical unicorn
Channeling the World Series, Beth Hallett sported a Harry Caray get-up
Lary Hunter came straight from a round of golf with VP of Engineering, Jeremy Yoder
Dillon Glissmann took a step back in time with his Plague Doctor costume
Callie Adam, Jeff Sandvold, Jeremy Yoder, and Bob Theisen emulated their favorite group of people in whole world – the DISTek Sales Team!

Happy Halloween!