DISTek After Hours

Several DISTekians enjoying Zombicide

DISTek’s employees aren’t just all work and no play.  We frequently do a variety of different activities after hours. Let me tell you how I got into some of the after hours activities almost instantly after I started working at DISTek, including how I implemented Board Game Night, as well as my thoughts on the LAN Party, which was my first interaction with the DISTek Activities’ Group.

A few weeks after I started at DISTek, I read on our internal social media app, Yammer, that LAN Parties were hosted every month or two on Saturdays in our big training room. When the next one came up, I woke up early and packed up my laptop and went and joined up with the LAN Party group. At the LAN party, we all got a flash drive with a wide variety of free games that would be played that day. I felt there was a diverse collection of game types, but didn’t feel pressured to play any games that I didn’t enjoy. At this event, I also found out that many of the employees were interested in board gaming. So I ended up posting a survey on Yammer to glean interest in a board game night and got a great response, so I promptly scheduled the first Board Game Night to take place a week later. On that Wednesday evening, I packed up my board games with a decent variety of games, from 7 Wonders to Betrayal at House on the Hill. A handful of people showed up and we played 2 or 3 games with a decent spread of winning and losing across the board. Due to the turn out, I decided to make Board Game Night an every other week event and the turnout has been terrific. Recently, we even added a ping pong table to the training room, which seems to get used quite frequently during lunch breaks as a form of relaxation.

Trying not to drown during Oregon Trail

DISTek employees are much more than just engineers behind computer screens. We have many hobbies and activities that we are involved in and I think it is fantastic that we work at a place that encourages and supports having fun inside and outside of work. I’m looking forward to the next Board Game Night – see you there!