NI Week 2018: SEPAD Sessions


Another May and another NIWeek has come and gone. What did you miss this year if you weren’t able to attend? Maybe not as much as you think, at least if you’re interested in advanced technical sessions.

Again this year, there was an advanced session track titled “Software Engineering Processes Architecture and Design (SEPAD).” These sessions were led by LabVIEW Champions and LabVIEW Architects. The majority of these SEPAD sessions were recorded and the videos are available online for viewing.

The sessions are posted in the LabVIEW Center of Excellence. All of the SEPAD sessions are listed here and following the session links will give you a brief session description and links to the video (if available) and the session slides. There’s a wealth of advanced information here and even if you did attend NIWeek, there are likely several of these sessions that you missed, so here’s your chance to absorb all the information.

A feature that was introduced with LabVIEW 2017 was expanded on in LabVIEW 2018. Malleable VIs give you the power to write a single VI that “morphs” itself to adapt to any valid datatype that the code inside the VI can accept. These differ from the Polymorphic VIs that have been a part of LabVIEW for years, in that with Polymorphic VIs, you must create an individual VI for each data type you need to support and the correct instance will be selected at Edit Time. There was a SEPDA session on the new features of Malleable VIs that was worth watching, as it was a very powerful feature.

As of this posting, there are 42 SEPDA sessions available for viewing in the LabVIEW Center of Excellence. There’s enough information there to keep you busy for quite a while.