Recruiting Efforts

DISTek Software Engineer, Nathan Volkert, helps staff the booth at a
UW Platteville career fair.

Here at DISTek, we’re always looking to recruit the best candidates to expand our team.  Recently, Lydia Allen, our Human Resources Intern, sat down with Jeff Sandvold, Vice President of Human Resources, to conduct a Q&A panel to get some insight into current recruitment efforts at DISTek.

Lydia Allen: What are DISTek’s current recruiting needs/specific positions that we are looking to fill?

Jeff Sandvold:   We are currently in the need for experienced software engineers with a background in Model Based Software Development (MBSD) and embedded programming skills. We are also recruiting for May graduates and summer interns in Q1 of 2019.

LA:  How many career fairs was DISTek at this past fall and where were those?

JS:  In 2018, we attended career fairs at North Dakota State University, Bradley University, and University of Wisconsin at Platteville. In previous years, we have also attended Iowa and Iowa State University, Northern Iowa, Milwaukee School of Engineering and we’ve done a few virtual college career fairs with multiple colleges and universities.

LA:  What kind of turnout do you see at the fall career fairs verses the spring career fairs? Does fall or spring typically produce a larger candidate pool?

JS:  At the fall career fairs, you typically see more students searching for internships and a few full timers. During the spring, that changes as many soon to be graduates are pressing forward with final interviews with companies. When targeting new grads at the spring career fairs, companies have to be prepared to move quickly on offers for the candidates they like.

LA:  Who did you take with you to the various career fairs?

JS:  Students really enjoy the opportunity to talk with engineers and hear their stories and to seek advice in the job market. It is a good opportunity to bring one of our engineers that is a recent grad along. Career fairs are also a great opportunity for DISTek to network with other companies. We often run into some of our customers at these same events.

LA:  Why does DISTek attend career fairs? What is the goal?

JS:  We go to the career fairs to grow our employer brand and increase our future talent pipeline. We don’t always secure a new employee, however, our presence lets students know that we are always seeking great talent.

LA:  What are the different majors that you look for in potential candidates that you talk with at career fairs?

JS:  We typically target Electrical, Computer, Agricultural, and Software degrees in the engineering programs. Depending on the school, we will also talk with students from the Computer Science, Physics and Mechanical Engineering studies. We attract other students as we have a cool vibe at our booth and students want to know what we are about. We mingle and network throughout the fair and that brings in a mix of students, professors, and even employees from other companies.

LA:  What are the next steps with a candidate after meeting them at their school’s career fair?

JS:  We follow up with emails and phone calls with students who stop by our booth and usually schedule interviews with candidates that we want to move forward with.

Again, we are always looking for qualified candidates who would be a match for the DISTek culture. If you are interested, please visit our website to learn more or reach out directly to us at