DISTek Celebrates 100th Day of Work in 2019

Why should kids in school have all the fun?  Here at DISTek we firmly believe that you never get too old for celebrations, costumes, and laughter.  It is in that spirit that we decided to celebrate the 100th day of work in 2019 on May 21st. Employees were invited to come to work dressed as if they were 100 years old with the use of wigs, walkers, wrinkles, and wheelchairs highly encouraged.  To up the ante and capitalize on the festivities, a pot luck was implemented as well.  Employees dined as polka music played in the background.  And, of course, to accommodate all, pureed meatloaf was served to those that left their dentures at home.

We hope these photos bring you as many smiles as they brought us!  Happy 100th day of work, DISTek!