2024 DISTek Engineering Awards

It’s no secret that we’re pretty proud of our engineers here at DISTek.  We firmly believe that we seek out the best and brightest in the industry and pride ourselves on the level of expertise that we bring to our clients.  To acknowledge the efforts and dedication and provide the recognition that our team so very much deserves, we recently awarded the 2024 DISTek Engineering Awards!  These awards are presented annually and nominations are open to all employees.  This year, we highlighted five specific awards:

Engineering Excellence:   The Engineering Excellence Award recognizes individuals for their commitment to delivering practical, robust solutions grounded in sound engineering principles and methodologies.

Innovation:  The Innovation Award celebrates the game-changers in our field, honoring those who think outside the box to tackle tough challenges and redefine what’s possible through their creativity and problem-solving capabilities.

Inspirational Leadership:  The Inspirational Leadership Award celebrates standout leaders who ignite passion and drive in their team, fostering innovation and collaboration.  This recognition honors those who not only excel technically, but also empower others to succeed and grow.

Newcomer of the Year:  The Newcomer of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding new team member that has less than two years with DISTek and has shown significant growth in their technical skills and contributions.

Unsung Hero:  The Unsung Hero Award celebrates those who are often overlooked, yet crucial to our success.  It recognizes an individual whose contributions, though behind the scenes, are integral to our achievements.  By honoring an unsung hero, we highlight the diverse talents and unwavering commitment that drives our organization forward.  It also emphasizes the importance of every individual’s role in achieving a legacy of shared success.

While all of our engineers are worthy of recognition, we are excited and proud to announce the five recipients of our 2024 DISTek Engineering Awards!  DISTek is a better place because of their efforts and contributions.

Ed has been working on a huge project over the past few years that is utilized by a few hundred engineers and technicians.  Over this time, Ed has been working to replace a system that was not only outdated, but also unstable at times.  Ed was able to incorporate efficiencies into the new project that included improvements to make the code run faster and test multiple units at once, whereas the old system could only test one unit at a time.  Ed’s diligence and software enhancements truly saved the client time and money.

Alex recently exhibited his ability to think outside the box and demonstrated innovation when he suggested implementing the Chromium browser on a display that currently used Qt.  Qt requires commercial licensing and is costly, whereas Chromium is open-source.  Alex, along with several co-workers, created a proof-of-concept for this solution, as well as a demo application that showcased the faster development times that using Chromium provides.

Nick has been a team lead and development coach for over a decade now and in that time, he has patiently and effectively coached team members through many aspects of their careers.  Nick challenges and motivates at the same time by looking for ways to grow both the technical and soft skills of his team.  He makes suggestions for enhancements based on the unique individual needs of his team members and even provides consistent encouragement to make sure his team is reaching their full potential.

Peter has repeatedly demonstrated his commitment to his own work and that of his team through his initiative in project planning activities and completion of tasks to an excellent degree. Over the past year, Peter has successfully become a skilled software engineer that others approach for his guidance.  He certainly continues to impress those of us who are fortunate enough to work alongside him.

Michelle has been working on her current project for over a decade now and through that time she has provided valuable information in a readily accessible manner day over day.  Michelle is meticulous when it comes to data integrity.  She is sought out for her expertise and has trained countless engineers for efficiency with the tool.  Michelle’s clients are overwhelmingly happy to have her supporting their project.

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