Plugfest Recap – 2019

In mid-September, the Agricultural Electronics Foundation (AEF) once again hosted a fall ISOBUS Plugfest in Europe, this time in Antibes, France. Antibes is in the French Riviera along the Mediterranean coast – the views were spectacular, the food was great, and the hospitality was fantastic. The conference center facility was well-suited to host the Plugfest and even though it did not have an attached hotel, there was ample lodging within walking distance to meet the needs of the Plugfest attendees.

Recap: ISOBUS Spring Plugfest 2018

My blog posting this year seems to be following the Steve Miller Band lyric, “Time keeps on slippin’ into the future.” It is now a full month since the AEF ISOBUS Spring Plugfest and I am just now writing my recap. I normally try to get these out sooner, especially since the Fall Plugfest is not too far away…

2018 Commodity Classic Recap

Prior to the annual planting/growing season, the ag industry holds an annual trade show and convention called the Commodity Classic. This year the event was held in Anaheim, California from Feb. 27th-Mar. 1st with the theme “Grow Beyond!” The Commodity Classic is the largest farmer-led, farmer-focused trade show held in the U.S.

Spring 2017 ISOBUS Plugfest Recap

Once again, the AEF put on another successful ISOBUS Plugfest last month. Approximately 130 individuals associated with electronics for Ag equipment spent the week of May 8th at the Embassy Suites in Lincoln, NE. The key attraction is the Plugfest itself, during which nearly 1000 combinations of implement ECUs and displays were tested.

AUTOSAR: Sender/Receiver Statuses & Queued Communication

In this blog, I will cover some tools to improve reliability and accuracy of data reception when using sender/receiver ports. AUTOSAR sender/receiver ports provide several configurations for improving reliability and accuracy. Two of which I will expand on are invalidation policy and queued communication. Invalidation policies are used for flagging data as unreliable and queued communication provides a means of storing and ordering received data to prevent data loss.

2018: Year in Review

For the second year in a row, my year-in-review blog is being delivered well into the new year. That is getting dangerously close to a bad habit, so I will have to work on that for next year. On the plus side, this should get posted in February and thus I am technically only a month late of my goal of January for the target date. Normally I would not start at the end of the year, but this year is an exception because the single biggest piece of news is what happened at the very end of the year …

Automated UI Testing for VT Clients

Much of the software engineering industry uses testing techniques that aren’t often available to those of us in the embedded industry. In my experience, this has definitely been true of automated UI testing while working on ISOBUS VT clients. In a previous position, I spent much of my time creating test frameworks, including those for testing web applications through the UI.

Regular DISTek blog readers will have noticed that we took a VT server implementation to AEF PlugFest in spring 2017. Part of our motivation from the start of this project has been to give VT client developers the ability to automate functional testing of their applications.

DISTek to Attend Fall 2017 ISOBUS Plugfest

The ISOBUS Plugfest is nearly upon us once again. Each spring in Lincoln, NE, and each fall in Europe, the AEF (Ag Electronics Foundation) coordinates a Plugfest during which ag electronics from different manufacturers are tested for interoperability. This fall, Plugfest is October 17-19 and engineers from around the world will be meeting in Stuttgart, Germany. I counted quickly so my numbers may be off, but I think there will be 74 Ag implement systems (“Clients”) and 42 Ag displays (“Servers”).