Systems Thinking

I’ve recently been developing a deeper, more passionate skillset for the ever-so important topic of “system” engineering. Our team just completed the creation of a model to simulate a simple tank, where our embedded software would monitor and dispense product from the tank, and our “plant” model would take the output of our embedded software, “act” as the actual product the software is controlling, and provide our software with inputs so it knows how to control the outputs, thus creating a closed-loop system. This helps us simulate and test our control strategy in a simulated environment.

Dirty Jobs: Code Reviews for Embedded Software

“I enjoy doing code reviews!” said no embedded software development engineer, ever.

Working together on code reviews doesnt have to be difficult

Nobody in their right mind takes pleasure in combing through hundreds of lines of Consolas 9.5 gibberish they didn’t even add, modify, or remove. There are no rewards. No incentives. Only an engineer at the other end of the diff-viewer who thinks you’re just trying to get under his skin, thinks you’re a know-it-all, or assumes your stylistic preferences are a personal criticism.

Okay, that may be a bit aggressive, but nonetheless, can be very true.