DAQmx in Measurement Studio: Part 3

The last two months we have covered how to do data acquisition in .NET. This month we will go over how to integrate LabVIEW and .NET together in a hybrid application. I am going to demonstrate how to use a LabVIEW server application to acquire data using DAQmx and send it to a .NET client application. The client can then display the data using more visually appealing Microsoft controls and then sends the data back to the server to demonstrate two-way TCP communication.

DAQmx in Measurement Studio: Part 2

Last month we discussed a little bit about what National Instruments DAQmx and Measurement Studio are and how they can be used to create .NET applications which leverage National Instruments data acquisition hardware. This month we are going to jump in to a high-level practical explanation on how to get started doing data acquisition in .NET.