What’s it like to sell Engineers

This is the first in a series of posts by the folks that keep this place on track as a business – giving a non-engineer perspective on the culture of engineering.

Selling helium would be easier, but not as much fun as selling engineering services
photo: freeimages.com

Lost In Translation-The Bill Murray movie-That’s working with engineers.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my career has been headed down the wrong path for a long time. I know sales people who sell commodities, specialty products, medical devices, and they all tell me the same thing: It was easy once I learned my product. Well to heck with you guys, my product has no owner’s manual, has vacation days, and such a range of skills that I can’t simply say “That’s on page 38 of your product manual ma’am.”

My product has the ability to learn new skills rapidly, the ability to solve complex equations and the ability to change its mind…Where do you find that in footwear people? No shoe in history has ever made a decision!

I went in to sales to live the good life of golf, mid-day naps, and general laziness, but no, I work with people who make me challenge myself every day.

I’m making up my mind to interview to be a helium sales rep. It’s always in demand; in short supply and my average end user is 6…Ka-ching!

Actually, working with engineers is awesome/challenging/educational…except for working with Howe, I think he takes my carrots out of the company fridge, but I can’t prove it.