Happy Halloween from DISTek: Annual Costume Contest

2017 Annual Halloween Costume Contest

Happy Halloween!  Today was no exception from year’s past.  In keeping with tradition, DISTek once again held an annual Halloween costume contest.  This year we introduced two categories:  Best Overall Costume and Crowd Favorite Zombie.  While all the votes have yet to be tallied, we wanted to share our Halloween spirit.  Check out the photos below to see who showed up for our annual parade of costumes!

Scott “The Fencer” Miller
Teri “Dr. Who” Huhman
Beth “Sara with no ‘h’ because h’s are ewww” Hallett
Ashley “Pregocado” Hirsch
Nick “Patient Escapee Zombie” Elliott
Jeff “Arm Muncher” Baxter
Brittany “DISTek Zombie” Finnegan
Dillon “Leg Devourer” Glissmann

Happy Halloween from our crew to yours!  Here’s to wishing your day be filled with far more treats than tricks!