Sharing Our Why With Our Clients

Since our Why Statement was rolled out, most of the focus has been placed on how it applies to us internally here at DISTek.  However, the Sales Team recently got together to discuss how we can present it externally in a way that resonates with our clients, as well.  This not only equips our team with the knowledge and background when we are talking with current, as well as potential clients, but it also allows us to share more about who we are at DISTek and what we believe in so passionately.  The core elements that are the foundation of our Why Statement not only work to help us grow and succeed as a company, but those benefits also extend to our clients and the relationships that we build with them.

I’d like to share a few of those benefits with you below:

Build community…

We value and develop long-lasting partnerships with our clients where we collaborate to act as a self-managed extension of our client’s team.  We focus on providing a positive work culture that retains employees for long-term relationships and stability.

Grow leaders…

DISTek is committed to growing the next generation of leaders by investing in both technical and professional skills training, providing a mentorship program, and embracing a cross-team collaborative support structure for our employee-owners. These continuous growth methodologies provide the foundation for the continuous improvement of our self-managed teams that our clients can rely on long-term.

Achieve a legacy of shared success…

As an Employee-Owned engineering services company, we have a vested interest in ensuring our clients succeed.  To do so, DISTek strives to go beyond simply meeting our clients’ requirements through knowledge transfer and the stable longevity of our Client-DISTek relationships.  At the end of the day, our client’s success is our success!

While these snip-its are certainly not the only ways that we relate our Why to our clients, they provide a solid framework to start a discussion around why we do what we do, rather than just focusing on what we do.  It allows us to present our company in a way that is compelling and relatable, as well as distinguishes ourselves as different than other companies.  We are proud of who we are and why we do what we do!